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In the middle of the Avenida da Boavista, the number 2504 is allied to the tradition and the passing of the generations who attend this house.

Restaurant Cufra born with people from industry and had the privilege of being located outside the city center but with easy access to all sites. Its inauguration took place on August 15, 1974 (holiday of the Assumption of Our Lady), and its opening to the public on 14 September of that year, by 13h00.


The immediate success of Cufra was due to its large space, excellent location and, of course, to service and manufacture of high quality, virtues which currently represent the best that this institution has to offer our valued customers, in addition to a parking lot able to collect dozens of cars.

Along with the happy choice of opening date of the Cufra, associated with its symbolic meaning. In fact the origin of the name appeals to our senses, as Cufra is synonymous with Oasis. In fact, Cufra is the largest oasis in the existing vast Sahara Desert, located in south-eastern Libya

Eight years after the Foundation, on 09 November 1982, Manuel Antonio Teixeira da Silva, along with its partners became the new owners.
Antonio Manuel Teixeira da Silva, "carries" three cultures. Born in Angola, has lived in Brazil since the four years, from 1982 until the present day is in Portugal. His optimism in the way of being and be reflected in space which makes your life.




Starters: Meats, Sausage to Cufra, Ham with Broa de Avintes


Seafood: Açorda Seafood, Clams to Bolhão Pato, Spanish Clams, Seafood Rice, crabs, male crab, spider crab, Note, crabs.


Fish: Cufra Cod, hake fillets of gold, Octopus Salad, Variety of fish for grilling (Cherne, Seabream, Sole, Snapper, Whiting, Octopus, Sea Bass, Brill, mullets, Whiting, Robalinho, Salmon and Trout)

Meat: Cufra Steak, Steak stopper, Steak pines, steak special with empty egg, Beef Sirloin in Prato, Fillet Steak in Pan Piece of veal Mirandesa, Francesinha special

Desserts: Custard, pudding French, fluffy chocolate cake, gateau au chocolat, Semi-cold fruit.

Wine: Esner of wines from various regions demarcated from north to south of the country


Festival Francesinha Tuesday through Thursday, come try!



Capacity: 250 seats


Time table: From 12.00 to 02.00


Closing day: Monday


Environment: Family, Pleasant and Casual


Groups accepted


Reservations required: Advised


Parking: Private


Payment methods: All


Organization of events: Achievement of monthly festivals


Note: Restaurant awarded the International Quality Certificate by the World Convention in Geneva in 2003


Cozinha Regional, Tradicional Portuguesa, Grill, Marisqueira e Cozinha Internacional




Av. Boavista, 2504 - 4100-119 Porto

Phone: +351 226 172 715
Fax: +351 226 106 774
Luis Barbosa Confesso que já não vinha à Cufra há uns anos e fiquei estupefacto porque continuam a ser muito bons...Muitos parabéns!
line Célia Torres Continuam a ser os melhores....
line Cristina Almeida Recomendo a todos! O melhor marisco e peixe fresco do Porto...
line Nunes Excelentes profissionais nos servem verdadeiras iguarias...Felicidades.
line Francisco Almeida É onde gosto de comer cá no Porto. Têm mantido a qualidade da comida e do atendimento. Parabéns, não é facil nos dias de hoje...
line Sandra Alves Além da amesendação ser extraordinária, são todos muito simpáticos...bem hajam!
line Rui Ramos Sou cliente há muitos anos e nunca tive nenhum desagrado!!! Obrigado pelos magnificos jantares....
line Marta Dias Come-se muito bem, atendimento do melhor e o ambiente é fantástico! É uma referencia dos restaurantes do Porto...
line Henrique Pereira Para mim continua a ser a melhor marisqueira do Porto e arredores. Têm mantido sempre a mesma qualidade ao longo dos anos. Felicidades.
line Manuel Gomes Depois de tanto ouvir falar do vosso restaurante, na ultima viagem que fiz ao Porto decidi visitar-vos e, devo dizer que em nada, o que ouvi, foi exagerado! Parabéns.
line Élio Cancela Um restaurante com tantos anos e continuam a manter a mesma qualidade na confeção da comida e no atendimento. Continuem a presentear-nos com a vossa excelência!...
line Valdemar Nogueira É o ex libris dos restaurantes do Porto! Para mim continuam a ser os melhores!!!
line Madalena Mesquita Atendimento do melhor aliado a uma qualidade da comida, exímia! Parabéns à gerencia.
line Amarilio Experimentem e não quererão outro restaurante...
line João Almeida Peixes sempre frescos numa confeção dos pratos excelente. É e será sempre um dos nossos melhores restaurantes cá do Porto...

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